Invoice Software Customization

Working in a big industry is a cumbersome task itself. The hierarchies you follow differ, so does the processes. Two enterprises might be working on similar product lines, but the way they carry out their business activities may vary.

In-house functioning of an enterprise is unique to its environment and asking for solutions that cater your unique problems is not a crime. Shying away or adjusting to solutions lead to degrading results.

You must be wondering these are our words. But to your very surprise, it is not us who are saying this but one of our reputed clients from India explained during our one on one sessions.

Well, as we have said already, your wish is our command. Our one-on-one sessions were quite extensive and helped us learn our client’s problems elaborately.

Invoices that could be used as gate pass within the three branch factories.
An invoice template that was as short as a postcard.
Printing bulk invoices at the same time.
Creating invoices in more than one languages.
Need for dynamic numbers for invoices.
Need for dynamic reports for analysis.

With all the needs in our list, we went forward in our labs of invoicing software to creating a perfect self-hosted solution of online invoice software. With days of mapping the perfect solutions, we finally started on our journey of codings and creating the live invoice software.

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